Ascertain whether it has the capability to develop into a sustainable company in the future. After all,
the bigger a company grows, the greater its effect on the world and people around it and it’s far
better to start sustainably than to create the switch a decade later on, or any time stakeholders begin
pushing back on unreasonable small business practices.

There are several traditional businesses in Lithuania which have a clear social aspect but aren’t conscious social businesses. Companies forge partnerships for a number of reasons, and partnerships have become the cornerstone of several small business models.

So as to sustain in the long run, the company needs in order to expand into
newer markets and cater to a greater audience-base. Moreover, there are businesses which do not
wish to communicate their social responsibility because of an unfortunate situation in Lithuania. The
fashion business is developing rapidly and global brands are constantly convincing consumers what
type of lifestyle they need to live.

As the CEO of Order SM, it’s my job to find out how to strategically grow and sustain our enterprise.
Common Internet people should be extended a huge chance to tap into the amazing major time
opportunity on internet. My efforts wouldn’t really make a difference. In addition, actively engaging
with suppliers and further partners to create sustainable commitments and investments is crucial to
attain real progress. Bear in mind that sustainability takes a long-term, strategic-level commitment
and an adjusted small business model to create success.